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Manifest destiny to places unknown. Everything made sense,

then it didn't.

Life quietly moved forward.

Words progressed from napkins,

to songs, to stages, to quiet contemplation on the dark road, to staring down the sun on majestic mountain tops.

Faces and towns change, but the hustle stays the same.

Find purpose and stay the course. Follow through.

This has been an unreal experience.

I am the builder and destroyer

of a limitless imagination. 

I've taken the name of many. 

I've worn the masks. 

I've lived the lives. 

I believe that my passion is fueled by beauty. 

I wither when surrounded by monotonous blah.

I used to get frustrated very easily. 

It would cause me to search for a universal truth.  

It has helped decide many of the roads I've gone down. 

Photo credits to: Krohv Studios, Gabe Leblanc, Maria Johnson, Robert Johnson.

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